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Hello all

Postby Predatorcontrol » Wed Jan 01, 2020 8:25 pm

Well I see most people are lookers here, almost 3yrs for most. Myself I've been interested in wild boar for awhile now. Not sure how many people on the board here are in Manitoba. I'm an avid deer hunter, Bow or rifle. I hunt, trap wolf, coyotes beaver. I have run 6 cams year round for the last few years. I've had alot show up on my cams but never a wild boar. I've found what I think are rubs not deer or elk, and spots in slews that look like they have been torn up. So I will continue to do my hunting/trapping with the hope of coming across afew hogs. I'm all for complete removal before they can get a toe hold. So if and when I come across any I will be looking to remove all in that area and will obviously be needing help. Happy New Year to all.

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